Why products grow your hair

Why products grow your hair

You’ve probably heard hair gurus say that products don’t grow your hair. We beg to differ, products do grow your hair! Before you click out of this page, hear us out. We promise we haven’t lost our minds.

Unless you have a medical condition that interferes with hair growth, your follicles are constantly producing new hair. You may be having difficulty growing your hair past a certain point simply because you are not correctly preserving the hair that grows. Simply put, you are not retaining length. And the reason you are not retaining length is because your hair is breaking off faster than it is growing.

You must have good hair care practices in order to retain your length. A good place to start is to developing a simple hair care routine that you repeat consistently. If consistency with your routine is not yielding tangible results, you may need to pay more attention to the products you use to care for your hair and how you handle it.

The ‘secret’ to growing long afro hair is in keeping it soft and moisturised at all times. When your hair is properly moisturised, the chances of developing dry ends is minimised. If you use protein treatments as often as you need them, your hair will maintain its strength and you will reduce the chances of developing split ends or damaging your hair in general.

The products you use for your hair determine how moisturised and how strong your hair is. As long as your products are doing all of the right things for your hair, primarily, cleaning it without stripping it, and keeping it soft and strong, you will be well on your way to growing thick, beautiful hair. There is one clause though, you must also ensure that you are handling your hair correctly. If you are rough with it, you will undo all of the good work your products do for your hair.

Afro hair is very fragile and needs gentle handling. Combing it multiple times a day with a fine-tooth comb or constantly tugging at it does it no good. Endeavour to handle your hair only when you have sufficient time to detangle, wash and condition it properly. Refrain from wearing hairstyles that require daily upkeep and consider putting your hair in styles that allow it to rest for at least a few days at a time.

Have we managed to convince you that products grow your hair? Chime in and let us know your thoughts.

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